Motherlode of Soviet futuristic magazine covers

Here's a massive boatload of covers from vintage Soviet tech magazines — most of these came from valiant Twitterers (@billnagel, @kwispel, @vr_quarksoup, @houbi) who responded to my call for the originating URL for an unattributed gallery of covers I found on another site, filling my cup to overflowing with a motherload of sovfuturkitsch that I'll be wallowing in for days. I want to wallpaper my office with these.

Update: Via Twitter, @vonross adds, "This was a youth-oriented futurist/kosmist zine started in the 20's, purged & retasked by Stalin during WWII, it went to roots of modernism."

2.5 GB torrent of PDFs of full issues of "Техники молодежи" (!!!!1111!ONE!)

Обложки "Техники молодежи" (30е – 50е, СССР)

'Техники – молодежи'

Обложки журнала Техники молодежи (29 фото)

(Thanks, Mike K!)