SuperTouch art blog, Cheryl Dunn art show and Redneck Sushi

Richard Metzger is the current Boing Boing guest blogger

Jamie O'Shea, for ten years editor of the genre-defining visionary arts magazine, Juxtapoz, probably the largest circulated art monthly in the world –I mean, hey, they sell it at Whole Foods– is now an internationally known creative director and the editor of a new online blog called SuperTouch. SuperTouch is great –kind of a nice hybrid of PAPER magazine style party pics/gossip and the artistic fare seen in O'Shea's former mag, a cool mix.

I was happy to see a post there about my pal Cheryl Dunn's "Spit and Peanut Shells: American Pictures" show at The Country Club gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cheryl's wicked cool and her website is one of my favorite artist's sites. If you are in Cincinnati, check her show out.


And finally, this is redneck sushi: