Dollar a Day to Democrats for as long as Norm Coleman stalls

Adam sez,

Republicans in DC know Al Franken won the Minnesota Senate race.

But they are bankrolling Norm Coleman's continued court challenges and are encouraging him to drag this thing out forever. For them, it's worth it to keep shelling out money to block the seating of Senator Franken.

Put simply, the incentives are all wrong. But this weekend, some online folks launched a new campaign to set the incentives right.

Howard Dean's Democracy for America teamed up with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (founded by former organizers and Aaron Swartz, the co-inventor of Reddit and RSS) to launch

At that site, people are asked to give a "Dollar a Day to Make Norm Go Away" -- with the funding going to help progressive candidates defeat congressional Republicans in 2010.

The theory: If Republicans up for re-election in 2010 see the progressives who are out to defeat them get an infusion of donations each day that Coleman is obstinate, they and their funders will call Coleman and say, "Your time is up. Concede!"

So far, it's working. In less than one weekend, Norm Coleman has raised over $20,000 to help progressive candidates -- and that number grows by the hour.


(Thanks, Adam!)