BookArmy: a for books

Mark sez, is a London-based start-up aiming to be the of books â€" and we're gathering steam on our mission to link every book and every author on earth.

A month into public beta, the site's already throwing up some curious connections. Neil Gaiman and Lewis Caroll? Ray Bradbury and George Orwell? Charles Stross and Fyodor Dostoevsky? Anything goes: Bookarmy recommendations are generated by members themselves, who can mix and match similar reads from a full bibliographic database. The site also give readers space to host online libraries of their favourite books — and compares their tastes to refine its recommendations.

Big-name authors already active on Bookarmy include 'Alchemist' author Paulo Coelho and 'Jumper' scribe Steven Gould. Publisher HarperCollins recently took a stake in the business, which should mean not just bags of multimedia on the way but potentially access to all manner of great content as the ebook revolution gathers pace!

Book Army

(Thanks, Mark!)