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* Revisiting TechShop, as Portland Site Launches (Download MP4). TechShop is an open-access public workshop that's kind of like a health club with heavy machinery and sparks instead of treadmills. They've just opened a new branch in Oregon, so we're revisiting a classic Boing Boing episode we shot on a visit to their flagship location in Silicon Valley.

Top Chair? Joel Reviews The Herman Miller Embody and Steelcase Leap (Download MP4). Our Joel from Boing Boing Gadgets test-drive — literally! — two office chairs.

Tricaster, and the Future of Live Video Online (Download MP4). We review the Tricaster, a compact device that facilitates high-quality live internet video broadcast production for a lot less dough than the equivalent amount of traditional TV production gear. A number of web video productions are now using the Tricaster, including Leo Laporte's, and Mahalo's newly launched Kevin Pollak chat show.

"Manifestations," An Animated Love Story, by Giles Timms (Download MP4). An animated short in which a cartoon critter named Mr. Chip who seeks anime love in a psychedelic, ever-morphing virtual world. The music is by Welsh composer Ceri Frost.

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