Puppy-killer Noem's TV trainwreck torpedoes her VP dreams (video)

South Dakota Kristi Noem's pathetic attempt to pimp her memoir took another nosedive when Fox's Stuart Varney demanded she explain her insane anecdote about shooting her puppy, Cricket.

As Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt says in this commentary video, "I will show this interview because there will never, ever, ever be another interview where a political figure does as badly as Kristi Noem does in this farcical, comical outing."

In a master class of squirming ineptitude, Noem served up a cringeworthy banquet of evasion, contradictions, and bald-faced lying. The dog was vicious! Actually, it was a puppy. Wait, it was an "adult working dog killing livestock"… except also only 14 months old?

As Schmidt narrates, "The unraveling here is just incredible. Now, Kristi Noem is saying that the dog she killed 20 years ago and told us about in the book was because she's a grandmother. Was she a grandmother 20 years ago when she shot the puppy? All of this nonsense, all of this unspooling, it's incredible to watch." Schmidt deems it "one of the worst interviews you will ever see by a person pinned down. A sociopath under fire, unblinking, sad, rattled, knowing that it's all coming apart."

As the wheels completely flew off near the end of the interview, Noem devolved into pure Trumpian word salad — deflecting to rioting students, Hamas, you name it. When Varney revealed they'd been "consumed with emails" from voters swearing off Trump if Puppy McShootFace gets the nod, her last semblance of poise disintegrated into "this interview is ridiculous!"

Isn't the whole point of a book tour to talk about what's actually in the book? I guess Noem's not gunning for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Or intelligence, for that matter.