Fitzrovia Radio Hour: radio-drama revival troupe

Fitzrovia Radio Hour is a radio-drama performance troupe in the UK who do over-the-top, steampunky stories that pay homage to the golden age of British radio plays. I saw them perform live at one of the White Mischief steampunk nights at the Scala near King's Cross, and they were superb — full costume, great period-appropriate foley gadgets, and wonderful performances. They've got a podcast, too!

Your favourite gang from Radioland present three thrilling tales
of imperial endeavour on frontiers near, far and final!

'Leinigen and the Monkey Men of Vijayanagar'
An urgent telegram leads our hero to the jungles of British India and
the lost city of Vijayanagar, which has been overrun by monkeys.
Local legend has it that deep in the city's ruins, something sinister lurks…

'Survival of the Fittest'
The leading financiers and businessmen of 1912 gather for a weekend of hunting
at the Dartmoor estate of Colonel Charlie De Wynn.
But it soon becomes apparent that their prey will not be pheasants or foxes…

'The Madman in the Moon'
In the futuristic world of 1996, the good ship Jeremy Bentham
is bravely pushing forward Britain's understanding of space science!
But does the presence of a madman on Moon Station 1 mean the whole earth is in jeopardy?

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Fitzrovia Radio Hour

(Thanks, Toby!)