Japanese cops hassling foreigners on the street for urine drug tests

Francisco sez, "Few weeks ago Japan Police started to take random drug tests to foreigners on the streets of Shibuya and Roppongi.
Basically from what report on several online sources 99.9% of tests are done to foreigners not Japanese people."

Hello I've been in japan about a year now, and live near roppongi. In the past couple of weeks, police have been stopping late night/early morning revellers when they are leaving bars and clubs, and asking them to provide urine samples. Essentially they are testing for drug use/abuse. Whilst i have nothing to hide, i cant help but think this is an invasion of my personal liberty/human rights. It also concerns me that things are quite easily added to drinks without people knowing much about it.

its not much surprise, that out of the 40 or 50 that i saw being pulled on fri night, all bar one were gaijin. I just wondered if they are within their rights to be doing this? thanks…

It's confirmed. Called Asabu Police Station today (03-3479-0110(代表)) in Roppongi and talked to an officer Teshima. He admitted that yes, they are carrying out urine tests on people. He denied that they were targeting foreigners, but he refused to divulge what sort of criteria they use to select their testees. Separate blog entry on this by midnight tonight. Arudou Debito

Tokyo police raiding Roppongi, stopping NJ on Tokyo streets for urine tests (UPDATED)

(Thanks, Francesco!)