Ghost Town: The Bumpy Road To Bodie


Stephen Worth says:

When I was very small, I had one of those horses on springs. I would jump on
it and bounce around furiously while my Dad would urge me on, calling out to
me to "Ride that horse down the bumpy road to Bodie!"

Before I was born, my family had taken a trip to the High Sierras and my Dad
and Mom never forgot the potholes they had to navigate their 56 Chevy station
wagon over. It was a memory they spoke of often. When I got a little older, I got
a chance to visit Bodie with them, navigating a slightly more modern Chevy
station wagon over those same potholes. Bodie became a lasting part of my
consciousness as well.

On my personal blog, Late Night Coffee Shops, I just posted a documentary
on Bodie (and its nine inhabitants) from the mid-1950s. If you love the
otherworldly feeling of stillness in places like this as much as I do, this video
will make your day and fill your dreams with the beautiful sound of wind blowing
through sun bleached boards.

Ghost Town: The Bumpy Road To Bodie