Street-magic wedding proposal

Dan Trommater sez, "I was recently asked to orchestrate a very cool marriage proposal on the streets of Toronto. I normally perform at corporate events, but I jumped at this chance to get back on the streets. Arvin Ross contacted me and asked that I set up a street magic performance in the Harbourfront area of Toronto. I had to gather a crowd and somehow get him on one knee, then magically produce the wedding ring. No one saw it coming – especially Cindy Sukhram, the would-be fiancee. I've been involved in some really creative weddings before, but this was the first time I've helped anyone pop the question."

Dan performed the ceremony at my wedding — reciting Jabberwocky in a Knights Templar robe, making gouts of fire appear from his fingers at "eyes of flame" and then again when he produced the rings (he also did some great thematic magic later in the evening!).

Wedding Proposal with Toronto Magician Dan Trommater

(Thanks, Dan!)