Powerhouse: the biography of Raymond Scott, on stage in NYC

Jesse Garrison sez, "Powerhouse is a non-traditional biographical piece about Scott, told through a combination of puppetry, movement, swing dancing, physical comedy and live action. It follows the inverse paths of Scott's fall from success to obscurity and cartoons' (that used his music) rise to prominence in every American home."

It's 1936 and 27 year-old Harry Warnow has it all -- a beautiful wife, a hit record, a recording company, a publishing company, his very own swing orchestra and a new name: Raymond Scott. But in 30 years he would be virtually unknown. Secluded in his home studio, he would spend his time writing commercials and inventing futuristic music machines.
Unbeknownst to Scott, however, his music had become imprinted on the minds of millions. For years, the animators at Warner Bros. had been scoring their Looney Tunes cartoons with Scott's life's work. This would be his legacy -- and he never knew.

Due to its success, both critically and at the box-office, it's been granted an extended run in the Fringe Encore series.

At the Fringe: 'Powerhouse'

(Thanks, Jesse!)