Search Engine's Jesse Brown: Boing Boing Guestblogger!

I take sincere pleasure in introducing you to our latest guestblogger, Jesse Brown. Astute readers will remember him as the host of the storied net-culture podcast Search Engine, which was killed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and then rescued by rival public broadcaster TV Ontario. Jesse's podcasts are the epitome of what net-news coverage for a mass-audience can be: impassioned, participatory, smart, and comprehensive without being esoteric. Welcome, Jesse!

Hi! I'm Jesse Brown and I host a podcast called Search Engine on It's about Internet culture and politics and digital rights and other stuff BoingBoing readers may be interested in. I also do a lot of work with cartoons; I used to make animated films and I currently help run the user-generated-comic strip sites and

I'm thrilled to be guest blogging on BoingBoing! For the next two weeks I'll be bringing you stories about how public broadcasters around the world are handling the Internet. As TV news and newspapers implode, some public broadcasters like NPR are doing better than ever! Others, not so good. I'll be posting about why that is and what can be done.

I'll also share with you a bunch of cartoons and curiosities and wonderful things that more people should see. Email me with tips anytime!