Chocolate steampunk music-hall in London, Oct 15-17

Toby Slater, impresario for London's fabulous White Mischief steampunk nights, sez, "Dressed in neo-Victorian finery and draped in accessories handmade from watch parts, the Clockwork Quartet is formed around instruments such as a Steamdrone, Stroh violin and bass banjo and staffed by musicians who by day work as everything from two luthiers, a jeweller and a sculptor to a doctor of zoology.

"The collective will be transforming London's Horse Hospital into a Victorian music hall between 15th and 17th October. Their music - each song of which tells a different story painting a portrait of a troubled character - is free to download but fans will be able to purchase an extravagant illustrated book as well, of course, as delights from the band's official in-house chocolatier."

We recommend: The Clockwork Quartet

(Thanks, Toby!)