Europeans! Call your MEP today to block net surveillance proposal!

Jérémie Zimmermann sez, "The Conciliation committee delegation of the European Parliament on the 'Telecoms Package' will meet on October 13th, 11AM. In this informal meeting, they will be presented an outrageous analysis by the legal team of the Parliament aimed at making them accept an extremely dangerous 'compromise' text replacing amendment 138, essential safeguard for citizen's freedoms adopted twice by 88% of the votes.

EU citizens must help to convince members of the delegation to start the negotiations with the original amendment 138, adapt its wording if necessary, but reject this 'compromise'. We must refuse an Orwellian vision for freedoms in EU, where the right to a due process could be restricted for 'prevention or detection of criminal offenses'!"

La Quadrature du Net has instructions for contacting your MEP by phone and a sample script to follow with her or him.

If this seems like a familiar request, that's because the people who want to establish universal surveillance over the European net are betting that you'll tire out before they will, and if they keep on trying to sneak it in, you'll eventually run out of steam and stop calling your MEP to demand due process and privacy.

Call your MEP.

URGENT action save am138 against horrible compromise