Creepy horror comic rises from the grave and is terrifyingly good

Back in July, Dark Horse Comics relaunched the classic horror title Creepy, one of those titles that caused straight America to recoil in terror. Creepy's short stories veered between morality plays in which some awful person did some terrible deed and received his comeuppance to unabashed, straight-ahead horror in which terrible people did terrible things — often to other terrible people — and got away with it. I rather think it was this latter that got the censors' bowels in an uproar.

The relaunched Creepy, a 48-page black and white monthly, is true to the original spirit, and each story is introduced by Uncle Creepy, a Crypt-Keeper-like ghoul with a penchant for grisly puns.

I love the art in this book — each story is done by a different artist, but all hanker back to the golden age of horror comics, funny and ghastly lines that can be straight-ahead cartoons or stippled impressionism as the story dictates.

Creepy Comics 1

And in case your tastes run to the original Creepy: Dark Horse's handsome archival collections of classic Creepy