David Hockney's iPhone paintings

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As Rob posted previously on BBG, famed painter David Hockney, 72, has become fascinated with the iPhone application Brushes. He's created nearly a thousand images and emails them out to his pals. In the current issue of the New York Review of Books, Lawrence Weshler talks to Hockney about his foray into his pet new media. From the New York Review of Books:

Hockney, who has carried small notebooks in his pockets since his student days, along with pencils, crayons, pastel sticks, ink pens, and watercolor bottles–and smudged clean-up rags–is used to working small, but he delights in the simplicity of this new medium:

It's always there in my pocket, there's no thrashing about, scrambling for the right color. One can set to work immediately, there's this wonderful impromptu quality, this freshness, to the activity; and when it's over, best of all, there's no mess, no clean-up. You just turn off the machine. Or, even better, you hit Send, and your little cohort of friends around the world gets to experience a similar immediacy. There's something, finally, very intimate about the whole process.

"David Hockney's iPhone Passion"