My son, the nude model


John Schwartz at the New York Times writes about what it's like to have a son in college whose job is to sit around with no clothes on. Hey, from the son's perspective, what's not to love, right? The only job requirement is that you have a body. Snip:

As a little boy, Sam once asked me: "Dad, is there a job where you get paid a lot and don't do much work?"

Being paid $15 an hour to sit around naked is one option. That's nearly twice as much as most other student jobs. And it's not like he's dancing at Chippendale's.

"There's a difference between nude and nakedness," says Charles Garoian, the director of the university's visual arts program. Context is vital: a stripper is naked to arouse prurient urges, while a nude model is there to unleash an artist's creativity.

In the Altogether [New York Times]

[Image: Kalim A. Bhatti for The New York Times]