What MP3 player should I buy?

I'm in the market for a new MP3 player — my second-gen iPod Nano is finally dead, and I don't want to buy another iPod, or any other player with DRM built in. I figure that any company that wants to devote its engineers to figuring out how to frustrate my desires doesn't really want my business.

Who'd got a suggestion? I'm looking for something:

  • * small (Nano-sized or smaller),
  • * low-capacity (8GB is fine, all I use it for is podcasts),
  • * chargeable and connectable with a standard USB cable,
  • * reasonably rugged,
  • * with an LCD,
  • * capable of marking some files as podcasts or audiobooks and remembering where you stopped playing them, and,

  • * most importantly, I'm looking for something that can be connected to a set of lanyard headphones like these

I don't care if it has WiFi or Bluetooth, or if it plays games, or if it has a "store" on the net that lets me get music for it directly. I just want a chunk of solid-state storage with a headphone jack and a decent menuing system and headphones I can wear around my neck so that they don't get tangled in things.

Suggestions? Feed the comments, below (don't send email, I'm taking a break from it for the weekend).