Boing Boing Gift Guide 2009: gadgets! (part 3/6)

Mark and I have rounded up some of our favorite items from our 2009 Boing Boing reviews for the second-annual Boing Boing gift guide. We'll do one a day for the next six days, covering media (music/games/DVDs), gadgets and stuff, kids' books, novels, nonfiction, and comics/graphic novels/art books. Today, it's gadgets!

Duct Tape Bandage:
Nothing butches up your wounds like an official duct tape band-aid.

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Olympus WS-110 WMA
Digital Voice Recorder
The Olympus WS-110 digital voice
recorder works beautifully. The interface was pretty easy to figure
out, and the built-in USB plug is very handy. I just stick it my
computer and it mounts like a disk.
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Gerber Crucial Multi-Tool :
The Gerber Crucial's specs and image give me that head-to-toe multitool lust that has overtaken me only a few times before — once for the Skeletool and once for Gerber's old DIY mix-and-match tool. I've had about five Gerber tools over the years and every one of them was a winner. I'm off to buy one tomorrow. WANT. FWOAR.

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Itzbeen Baby Care Timer:
I like the look of the ITZBEEN: a four-way baby-care timer that helps sleep-depped parents remember exactly when the little pisher last had a little pish.

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RESCUE TAPE Self-Fusing Silicone Tape :
Self-fusing silicone "rescue" tape sounds like some powerfully useful stuff — permanently bonds to itself in one minute, creating a 700psi-rated, acid/solvent/oil-resistant seal. As the Red Ferret sez, "just think of it as a reel of spare fanbelt."

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Thinkpad X200:
My latest and most favorite laptop has the greatest warranty on earth. It's light, rugged, fast, runs GNU/Linux like blazes, has a waterproof keyboard with drainage holes in the bottom, and you can choose from heavy, super-long-life batteries for long-distance travel and light, slender ones for home-and-office journeys.

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