Limited edition, slipcased LITTLE BROTHER with CC licensed original art and endpapers

HarperCollins have just brought out a beautiful limited deluxe edition of my novel Little Brother. It's a slipcased hardcover, in a limited run of 500 signed copies, and it sports eight spectacular original illustrations by Richard Wilkinson (along with some really snazzy endpapers: a map of San Francisco's Mission district redrawn as a circuit-diagram). All the art is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licensed, too, and ready for your fan Little Brother remixes.

Now the bad news: it's only available outside of the US and Canada, due to a really silly bit of lawyerly risk-aversion about territorial rights. I'm working on seeing if there's a way to arrange to do a grey-market export to US/Canada, and earmarking, say, 100 of them for this purpose, but I can't make any guarantees. (See below!)

But the good news for Britons is that HarperCollins will guarantee delivery before Xmas if you buy before Friday! Get 'em while they last!

Update: Great news! The kick-ass UK online bookseller The Book Depository has the book for a couple pounds less than Harper Collins, and they have free shipping, and they ship to the US and Canada!

Little Brother – Cory Doctorow
Limited Edition Deluxe Version

High rez, Creative Commons licensed art by Richard Wilkinson