Home-made Madame Leota crystal ball head

Etsy seller WormwoodHollow (AKA William Bezak, Disneyland legacy and eclectic haunter) has created two miniature replicas of the Madame Leota head-in-a-crystal-ball from the Haunted Mansion. Alas, he doesn't ship to the UK, and there ends my beautiful, short-lived dream of owning one of these. This is one of my favorite theme-park effects; I actually own some of the original, horizontally sprocketed film-strips that used to project the face on the head before it went digital. The latest rendition, with the crystal ball floating in three axes in midair, is nothing short of genius (as is the entire rehab on the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World).

Madame Leota in her crystal ball (large size)

(via The Disney Blog)