Share your ideas with even more government agencies


So remember how the EPA is taking suggestions from average citizens? Turns out, it's not just the EPA. I had a lovely chat with Anil Dash at AAAS, and he pointed me toward OpenGov Tracker—the multi-agency dashboard that allows you to share ideas with everybody from the NSF to the DOD, and vote on other people's ideas. Dash—who's working with the White House on this and other, similar projects—says that what's posted at OpenGov really is being read, and thought about, by the people in power.

NASA and Veterans Affairs are getting the most activity right now. Other agencies—like the Small Business Administration, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the US Agency for International Development—are low on public input. Maybe you've got something to say?

OpenGov Tracker is taking your ideas for the next 23 days.