Andrew Koenig found dead

The body of Andrew Koenig was found in a park in Vancouver, Canada today. His father (Star Trek's Walter Koenig, "Chekov"), mother, family, and many friends had been searching for him since he went missing on February 14. He suffered from clinical depression. From the bio published on his father's website:

Andrew performs at The Improv and is the video producer for Never Not Funny, and has had roles in the movies NonSeNse, InAlienable, The Theory of Everything, Batman: Dead End, and on television in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine",. "G.I. Joe", "My Two Dads", "21 Jump Street", "My Sister Sam", and "Adam-12". He's edited over a dozen films and directed, produced, and written many others.

Andrew has been an activist his entire life and most recently has been working on behalf of the people of Burma, and was arrested during the 2008 Rose Bowl parade for protesting American involvement in China's Olympics due to China's support of the Burma military regime.

I did not know him personally, but knew his work, and know friends of his who are in agony at his loss. What a beautiful person he was. My condolences to those he leaves behind.

Update: Koenig's family addressed the press shortly after this announcement was made. "My son took his own life," said Walter Koenig.

Update: Jesse Thorn of The Sound of Young America says,

One small correction, which I think has been misreported elsewhere: Andrew performed improv comedy at the Improv Olympic (aka the IO West), not the Improv (the standup club).