How to crack open an apple with your bare hands like Paul Rudd (video)

Remember when Paul Rudd causally ripped an apple in half with his bare hands? I don't, but Lifehacker does and they have a tutorial on how to do it yourself and become as rich and famous as Mr. Rudd.

The key is using a small, ultra-crisp apple like a Honeycrisp. Then just follow these steps:

  1. Wedge both thumbs into the stem divot at the top
  2. Squeeze the apple as hard as you can, compressing top-to-bottom
  3. While squeezing, pull the apple apart like opening a book
  4. Listen for the crack as it begins splitting, then keep pulling

With enough force and the right variety, that apple will suddenly burst open in your hands.

Not strong enough? Lifehacker offers a cheat code: use your thumbnail to start a small crack on the surface first. It makes it way easier without ruining the illusion.

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