Tiger Woods returns to golf


On the day that an American consulate in Pakistan is attacked and that Wikileaks posted video of soldiers laughing while they kill civilians in Iraq, the major U.S. news networks have more important things to cover. Tiger Woods has returned to golf.

Update: Fox is first among the major networks to lead with the story. MSNBC also has a front-door item on the Iraq killings–and CBS on Pakistan — but neither have dislodged Tiger.

Curiously, the search term 'wikileaks' doesn't work at MSNBC's search[reddit], even though other similar terms work fine and there should be many results from MSNBC's frequent coverage of the whistle-blowing site. In fact, a quick check suggests that Bing isn't indexing 'wikileaks' at MSNBC's site at all, but is doing so for other news providers.

Bing itself lets you do that search just fine, so long as you don't restrict it to site:msnbc.com. Compare to the same query at Bing restricted to Fox. The kicker: if you misspell wikileaks in MSNBC's search box, it returns error-corrected results.

Surely it can't be censorshop, given that MSNBC's own Rachel Maddow posted the video on her official blog earlier today and is following the story closely!