Jetta: cute space girl from the 1960s by famous Archie artist Dan DeCarlo


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Comic book historian Craig Yoe has a knack for finding long-forgotten comic book gems. His latest full-color hardback book contains all three issues of Jetta, a Judy Jetson-esque space girl that predates The Jetsons by at least a decade. Jetta was created by Dan DeCarlo, the cartoonist responsible for the famous look of Betty and Veronica (Bob Montana created Archie, but DeCarlo's bold, fresh rendering of the characters are the ones we remember).

Yoe's homage to Jetta also includes sample of DeCarlo's work as a prolific pin-up artist, and 37 pages of Jetta drawings by contemporary cartoonists. Craig kindly invited me to contribute a drawing of Jetta for the anthology, and I eagerly obliged. Examples of the pin-up art can be see after the jump.

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Pin up art by Dan DeCarlo.


Bill Pressing


Craig McCracken


Robert Ullman


Katie Rice


Mark Frauenfelder

Here is a list of all the artists who contributed:, Alan Gutierrez, Andrew Pepoy , Becky Dreistadt, Ben Tan, Bill Morrison, Bill Presing, Brandon Ragnar, Colleen Coover, Clizia Gussoni, Craig McCracken, Danny Hellman, David Reddick, Dominic Marco, Fabrizio Pasini, Jay Stephens, Jenny Lerew, Joakim Gunnarsson, Hedvig Häggman-Sund, Justin Ridge, Kali Fontecchio, Katie Rice, Leslie & Anna Cabarga, Luke McDonnell, Mark Frauenfelder, Mike Maihack, Molly Crabapple, Paul Guinan, Robert Ullman, Ryan Hungerford, Scott Tolleson, Stephanie Gladden, Stephen Silver, The Savanella Sisters, Tracy Mark Lee

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