Introducing Tom the Dancing Bug @ Boing Boing

984cb-gm-billings-flock_thumb.jpgRuben Bolling is the author of the weekly comic strip "Tom the Dancing Bug," and we're delighted to have him here with us at Boing Boing.

"Tom" won the 2009 Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Award for Best Cartoon, the third time in a row, and is the only comic to have won the award more than once and to have been a finalist every year since the award began in 2001. The 2003 AAN judges said of the comic strip: "Consistently funny, pointed without being dogmatic, and takes on subjects that no one else does … an oasis of keen intelligence."

Ruben Bolling has authored three "Tom the Dancing Bug compilation books: Thrilling Tom the Dancing Bug Stories (Andrews McMeel, 2004); All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned From My Golf-Playing Cats (NBM Publishing, 1997); and Tom the Dancing Bug (HarperCollins, 1992).

Bolling's also had original comics published in The New Yorker, Nickelodeon, Mad Magazine, ESPN The Magazine and Harper's. One of "Tom the Dancing Bug's" popular recurring characters, "Harvey Richards, Lawyer for Children" is set to become the star of a live action motion picture by New Line Cinema.

First comic after the jump. Enjoy!