World of Goo, Aquaria devs announce pay-anything charity game bundle


A gracious ConglomCo of indie developers have just kicked off the Humble Indie Bundle initiative, a pay-what-you-want campaign that gets you five award-winning games in exchange for a donation with proceeds to benefit both the Child's Play charity and the EFF.

Your donation will get you a copy of five games (worth $80 purchased separately): 2D Boy's World of Goo, Frictional's horror-adventure Penumbra Overture, bit-Blot's Aquaria, Wolfire's rabbity-combat game Lugaru HD, and Cryptic Sea's physics-based platformer Gish.

All five games are available for all PC platforms (PC, Linux, Mac), are proudly marked as DRM-free, and proceeds can be split in any amount of your choosing: all to the developers, all to the charity, or any mix in between.

The campaign runs for one week, starting now — visit the freshly launched Humble Indie Bundle site for more information and to make your donation.

The Humble Indie Bundle [Wolfire]