Kick-ass 4m kid-built treehouse to be knocked down "because of liability issues"

A group of kids in Brisbane, Australia came together to build a spectacular, 4-storey meter treehouse. It's the center of neighborhood life, site of block- and birthday parties. The kids' parents helped them ensure that the treehouse is structurally sound.

So the City Council is tearing it down.

"It's our clubhouse. We made it from scratch," said one child, 6, whose parent did not want them to be named.

"We all did it together."

Chairman of City Business and Local Asset Services David McLachlan said the structure, which is built on council land in Spencer Park, is a "safety, privacy and liability issue". "The top platform is some 4m off the ground," Cr McLachlan said.

"This is close to a property and the platform is built so they can overlook a neighbour's property, so there is a privacy issue."

More than 18 children under the age of 14 live in Market St and the treehouse has become the centre of street parties, birthdays and other get-togethers.

"What kind of over-regulated society do we live in, when kids can't play in their tree house?" asked Nicholas Edwards, 12. "Mum didn't tell me to say that."

Newmarket children fight to keep treehouse in Spencer Park

(via Free Range Kids)

(Image: The Courier-Mail)