Repuglicans: 61 monster paintings by Pete Von Sholly

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The folks caricaturized in Repuglicans don't deserve to be depicted as famished ghouls, white-eyed vampires, drooling werewolfs, and rotting zombies. What I mean is, they aren't worthy of the fantastic 1960s monster-trading-card treatment bestowed upon them by veteran storyboarder Pete Von Sholly. In the same way that Mad magazine only parodied good TV shows and movies, this kind of honor should be reserved for good people.

In any case, it's still a treat to pore over the hilariously doctored images of Roger Ailes, Glenn Beck, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and 55 other power-hungry fear-mongers. As Steve Tatham (who wrote the commentary to the book) writes in his introduction:

There are 55 million Republicans in the United States. Most of them are decent, honorable people. The Republican limited government, state's rights, traditional American values, pro-business political philosophy is a reasonable and worthwhile set of beliefs. Real Republicans and real Democrats share a common goal: they want the United States to be a better place for all its people. The Republican party has its fair share of towering intellects and inspiring heroes. None of them are described in the pages that follow.

UPDATE: Pete Von Sholly wrote this in the comments:

I, Pete, started the REPUGLICANS project by reacting to the relentless, nasty, savage and often unfounded and unwarranted right wing attacks which started almost BEFORE Obama got elected. That unprecedented barrage of nastiness (SOME of it flagrantly racist)is what prompted me to start making those pictures. Steve Tatham added the other ingredient- funny, intelligent and true biting commentary which nobody here seems to realze is ALSO in the book. Denis Kitchen and I did a bipartisan book of this kind called CAPITOL HELL which skewers Al Sharpton, Obama, the Clintons, Bill Maher etc along with the usual suspects for those who claim we would NEVER say anything bad about "the left".

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