Widgey Q Butterfluff: gross-out lampoon of saccharine 1980s Saturday morning cartoons

Stef Cherrywell's Widgey Q. Butterfluff is a fun, slightly raunchy gross-out comic lampooning 1980s-era cutesy Saturday morning cartoons/toy adverts like Strawberry Shortcake, Teddy Ruxpin, The Smurfs and Care Bears. Widgey Q Butterfluff, the series' heroine, is a fat, sweet pixie so filled with syrupy good wishes and treacly sentiment that she is practically a walking advertisement for insulin. She lives in idyllic Snugglepump valley, where she and her cutesy friends have adventures that are, on the one hand, pitch-perfect sendups of the 80s cartoon genre, and, on the other hand, Mad-Magazine-grade gross-outs, filled with drug and sex references and highly entertaining self-reflexive humor.

The black-and-white Slave Labor Graphics collection is great, lightweight entertainment -- check out this excerpt for yourself.

Widgey Q. Butterfluff