Iran: "President unveils second Iranian robot man"

Iran's Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) is a fountain of state-issued LOLS this week. Yesterday, I blogged news of forbidden and approved hairstyles for Islamic gentlemen, as decreed by government officials in charge of monitoring guys' hair.

Today, let us appreciate the beauty of this unadulterated IRNA headline:

President unveils 2nd Iranian robot man

Wait—"2nd Iranian Robot Man," meaning, what, Ahmedinejad was the first? Let's read on:

The robot man dubbed as Sorina 2 was designed and manufactured by some 20 Iranian experts from Tehran University. The robot man can replace human being in carrying out sensitive tasks in different situations. Simultaneous with the "Day of Industry and Mine" honored in presence of President Ahmadinejad, the robot was unveiled in the hall of Summit conference.

The robot man is modelled upon human being and can walk on. Sorina 2 with 12 degree of movement in feet, 8 degree of movement in hands and two degree of movement in head could carry out instructed programs. Walking like human beings, synchronize movements of feet and hands are among the characteristics of Sorina 2.

IRNA says the announcement proves "Iranian scientists are on the right track of scientific development and success." The West is awfully worried about Iran getting the bomb, but I fear we have not worried enough about Iran getting the 'bot.

* A prize for your funniest caption on the photo above, via the Iranian news agency.