DNA or RNA friendship necklaces

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In the Boing Boing Bazaar, Raven from Made With Molecules offers these nerdy chic DNA or RNA base pair friendship necklace sets. They're $80 and made from reclaimed sterling silver. From the product description:

Celebrate a friendship with someone with whom you pair well by giving your friend one side of the pair and keeping the other.

Genes are written in DNA and RNA molecules using a code of chemical units called bases. These bases form pairs, which is critical to their function. In DNA, A (adenine) pairs with T (thymine) and G (guanine) pairs with C (cytosine). In RNA, G pairs with C and A pairs with U (uracil).

The charms are based on shapes of the base molecules. They are strung onto a chain at the place where they would normally connect to the sugar-phosphate backbone.

This set of two necklaces comes with your choice of A-T, A-U, or G-C. The charms are about 3/4 inches long, are made with high-quality reclaimed/recycled sterling silver, and strung on a 16 in sterling silver snake chain.
These come in a pretty, recycled gift box and include an informational card about the molecules.

DNA or RNA friendship necklaces

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