And now, an important message regarding elves

Before I learned about The Chris Valentine Show from Gabe Delahaye's videogum post here, I was unaware that:

•Many of the elves in North Carolina are actually indigenous to Florida and California
•Elves like to be near water where the oceans meet the mountains (?)
•Elves enjoy privacy and are the shyest of all the nature spirits
•They are thin, as you have seen in the elf documentary Lord of the Rings
•They are the caretakers of the unicorns.

Mock him at your own peril: Mr. Valentine has produced a number of other episodes with related important information about the spirit world:

FAIRY HOUSE – Learn how to attract REAL Faeries! ("We got permission to film this from our fairy friend, Tinker, who said, "Go ahead and film this!"), Leprechauns are REAL! Learn How to Attract Them and How They Help Us! ("Beer or whiskey is the number one way!"), and Gnomes are Real! Episode 1 ("The gnomes told me, 'The world is going to be watching us!' and now, this YouTube video!")

You may also find more to enjoy on Mr. Valentine's website.