Zombies victorious over City of Minneapolis


It's a good week to be a zombie.

Back in 2006, a horde (What's the word for a group of zombies?) of seven Minneapolitans were arrested when they donned not-particularly-convincing zombie garb (I mean, look at those photos.) and staged a protest of brainless consumerism at an outdoor mall in downtown Minneapolis. Given that the protest took place during Aquatennial—an annual celebration of the fact that Minnesotans are rather fond of their various bodies of water—I can almost guarantee that they were not the most ridiculous-looking people hanging around downtown.

Nevertheless, somebody called 911, and the zombies ended up spending two days in jail, told they were being held for carrying equipment (an iPod hooked up to portable speakers) that resembled "weapons of mass destruction". They were eventually released without charge. Then came the lawsuit, a loss in District Court and a resurrection in a Court of Appeals.

This Monday, the zombies emerged from four years of legal limbo victorious, as the City of Minneapolis agreed to pay out $165,000 as a settlement in lieu of going back to court.

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