Neat ceramic tile workshop 10/24/2010 in Pasadena


I'm excited to take Michelle Valigura's ceramic tile workshop this Sunday in Pasadena. If you are going, say hi!

Ceramic tile and trivet molding and casting workshop with Michelle Valigura. 

Learn to mold and carve with plaster to create you own ceramic sensations!
Heres what you'll get out of i:

Two different plaster molds that you can keep using once you got the skills down, Depending on how well you've prepared and how fast you work by the time you're done the goal is to have least 8 tiles ready to be fired and glazed.
Note: due to the long process of firing you will select your colors, and your tile will be shipped to you within a couple of weeks. 

This is a small hands-on workshop, 10 spots, $200 fee, $25 materials. Go get em.

Ceramic tile workshop with Michelle Valigura (Thanks, Amanda!)