This AI-powered service summarizes any podcast or video — and now it's only $78.99

TL;DR: Get both text and audio summaries of your favorite videos or podcasts with TubeOnAi, an AI-powered service. Purchase a lifetime subscription to TubeOnAi Premium Lite Plan now for just $78.99.

Sometimes, we're just too busy to listen to a podcast or check out an entire video — but we want to hear what it says, whether we need to learn more about a subject or are just interested in the topic. With this unique AI-powered service, you can get summaries of any YouTube video or podcast immediately, customized to specific prompts.

Subscriptions to AI-enhanced services can cost a lot, but a lifetime subscription to TubeOnAi Premium Lite Plan is more affordable than ever. While it's usually $224, you can buy it now for just $78.99. Get ready to learn in a whole new way!

Here's how it works: You'll put the podcast, article, or video of your choice to TubeOnAI. It'll then "read" it for you, thanks to the AI feature and give a summary of it almost immediately. That will be in text or audio format, so you can consume it in your preferred way.

You can control how detailed this summary is, and even give it custom prompts — if you want quiz questions from it to help you study, for example, or a snappy social media post example based on the content, or a video script incorporating all the information. The AI does all the hard parts for you, making content creation and learning simpler than ever.

This is a great method for you to study for school, research topics for work, or prep for meetings, but it's also a wonderful way to learn on your own, too. Get summaries of all the subjects you care about so you can become knowledgeable and stay well-informed. 

Other things we love about TubeOnAi:

  • Access it from the app or on your computer, so you can learn wherever you are
  • Set up notifications so you can receive curated updates on your content
  • Organize playlists of your summaries easily

Upgrade the way you learn and buy a lifetime subscription to TubeOnAi Premium Lite Plan for only $78.99.

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