Craphound wunderkammer man-cave to beat all

Alex in Sydney, Australia collects everything except "glassware & porcelain (unless it holds beer of course)" and he has an enormous shed in which he arranges his many collections "just-so" for best breathtakingness:

* Tools: workshop / garden / unusual tools (rustier the better – de-rusting is a favorite pastime)
* Oil Cans, oilers, grease guns.
* Still Cameras / Movie Cameras / Slide Projectors / Movie Projectors and related items.
* Breweriana: drink trays, tankards/steins, cork screws, soda siphons, coasters, bottles etc
* Militaria: esp trench art
* Weaponry: faux: guns, swords, spears, jousting lance, mace, battle axe, war hammer etc
* Native Spears n Bows (some real and some faux)
* Maritime: boats, oars, rowlocks, telescopes, ship lights, ship candle holder etc
* Fishing: rods, reels, baskets, hooks, floats, lures, nets, spear-guns etc
* Pirate related (how do you know if you're a pirate? . . . you just argh!)
* Kitchenalia (yes it's sad – but I like anything old – and they're sort of tools?)

The man cave to beat all man sheds – collecting wise

(Thanks, Uncle Wilco, via Submitterator)