Assange: "I'm not a player, I just crush a lot."

• Sir Leaks-a-Lot: "I'm not promiscuous, I just really like women."

• But Julian, how many women? "A gentleman never tells."

• Assange and Guardian no longer besties. If chatter circulating in the mediasphere today is to be believed, Assange is, like, so super pissed at the Guardian for leaking details of sex assault allegations. This, of course, follows Assange being so super pissed at John Burns at the New York Times, so super pissed at Wired News' Kevin Poulsen, and any number of other reporters who published critical or unflattering information (you may note he isn't talking to us, either). Anyway, he granted a tell-all interview to Guardian rival The Times which you can't read, because you aren't going to pay the paywall.
• Dude has a book deal.
• "People affiliated with our organisation have already been assassinated," Assange tells the BBC. Huh? No more details provided on that one. UPDATE: Assange was referring to this.

Eye-roll: "I was handed a card by one of my black prison guards. It said, 'I only have two heroes in the world: Dr. (Martin Luther) King, and you,'" he told the newspaper. "That is representative of 50 percent of people."
Greg Mitchell at The Nation is still live-blogging Wikileaks-related news, including the Assange-dramz and the more substantive concerns about the contents of the leaks, and related issues of censorship and openness.