MAD's William Gaines on To Tell the Truth

Comic book historian Bhob Stewart is the founder of the first EC comics fanzine, The EC Fan Bulletin, which he started in 1953. He started another fanzine in 1954 called Potrzebie and today runs a terrific blog under the same name. (Can you think of anyone else who has been a DIY publisher for almost 60 years? I can't!)

In a post on Potrzebie, Bhob included this episode of To Tell the Truth, in which the panelists tried to figure out who was the real William M. Gaines. I'm surprised he wasn't a recognizable figure. I've never seen a video of Gaines before this. He comes off as being very nice and calmly personable.

(Aside: Did The Association do the theme song for To Tell the Truth?)

Mad's William Gaines on To Tell the Truth