Just look at this list of Boing Boing post titles


Frank Chimero makes fun of some of our most cheesy post titles. Merlin Mann elaborates: Boing Boing is "auguring the deliberate perversion of [our] talent in the service of gavaging a profitable but pathologically undemanding audience."

Oh my God, not gavaging! But we're not without our defenders. Speaking of which, if The Awl is not on your daily reading list, you're just not on the Internet yet.

It's true that much here links daily to cultural ephemera, often dozens of times a day. But I'd like to make sure you read some of the awesome original features, blog posts, stories and galleries that we've published lately, including work by some very talented writers. Evidently, these are easy to miss!

Yakuza 3 played, reviewed and fact-checked, by the Yakuza.

The Last Hospice

Seen not heard: how obscure security makes school sucks

Caught Sleeping: Jason Rohrer's latest story

Hajj for Heathens

Less talk, mess rock: The native language of video games
is neither spoken nor written

Being Dead in Pittsburgh

Making the Unreal Real


Death in Space and Cassini: Trip Reset

That Sinking Feeling

Neo-Minimalism and the Rise of the technomads

Leaking Secrets, Leaking Blood

30 mosques in 30 days

Portraits of the Mind

Bicycle Diaries

The inner life of Furries

Nomen Ludi (fiction)


Totally awesome space colonies

Charting the frozen continent

High Design

I'm particularly proud of Maggie's item on Gliese581g, which went up in this form while others were still blogging the breaking news: Potentially habitable exoplanet discovered. Shame it doesn't exist, lol.

These and more are at our features page. We've also produced hundreds of original video episodes (YouTube channel).