Dapper Day at Disneyland: the well-dressed go to the fun-park

The original concept art depicted Disneyland's attendees as dapper, well-dressed families meandering in effortless style around the fantastic landscapes and amusements in Anaheim. Modern reality falls short of this ideal (someone really needs to invent athletic wear that's tailored for people who aren't in very good shape, perhaps made from stiffer cloth that doesn't drape and cling quite so much. I'd buy it.)

This Saturday, a group of Disnephiles are planning an unofficial well-dressed theme day at Disney, called "Dapper Day at Disney Parks." Participants are urged to have a dressy day at Disneyland: "A period Mad Men look is as correct as the latest haute couture, be creative, go Gaga, anything that would make the legendary and stylish Disney designers Mary Blair, John Hench, Herbie Ryman, Dorthea Redmond, Harriet Burns and the rest of the stylish WED lot look proud – or blush!"

Dapper Day at Disney Parks – This Sunday