Floating pig's head or possibly a turtle paralyzes town

The English town of Bridgwater ground to a halt yesterday as a crowd gathered around the Town Bridge to speculate on the nature of a mysterious floating object — possibly a pig's head, or maybe a turtle — in the river.

Julie Benson, from Taylors Barbers, said he thought the object was a stone, while Jamie Meakin thought it was a dog.

But the consensus, supported by Adam Brame, Craig Little, Steve Chinn and Lewis Teather was that it was a pig's head.

Some people waited for around two hours and said they did not see the object removed and believe it is still in the river.

Mercury reporter Angela Brennan returned to the scene today and could find no sign of the object.

UPDATED: Mystery object brings town to standstill

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(Image: fresh pig, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from goosegrease's photostream)