John Frame's stop-motion animation

[video link]

Yesterday, I posted about the hypertalented sculptor/animator/musician John Frame, whose artwork is on display at the Huntington Library near Los Angeles until June 20. The exhibit features more than three dozen figures and props, ranging from a few inches to almost three feet tall, that Frame crafted from carved wood and found materials for his feature film-in-progress, titled "The Tale of The Crippled Boy." My post included a short "making of" documentary, but John and others kindly pointed out that the first segment of the story, about "a lost culture where things have gone rather awry," is viewable online. John says, "Over the last five years, with help from only a few family members and close friends, I have made, animated, photographed, and scored all of the elements in the project, treating each as a work of art in its own right." Explore more of John's exquisite work at his web site,