Standing Desk Jockey: Kai Vermehr of eBoy


Artist Kai Vermehr of eBoy recently switched to a standing desk and he loves it.

I finished the standup desk this weekend. The tabletop is a bit
fancier than intended as I had two linoleum planks from a prior
project. Also I placed my second monitor at the normal height so I
could switch if I get tired. But I'm a bit stunned by the additional
energy I'm experiencing since I stand. So I do not sit much anymore.

Also I found a German manufacturer with a nicer standup desk. They
actually have two widths. The tabletop might not be deep enough to
hold a screen, but it should be easy to exchange it for a bigger one.

Build your own table just like Kai's! He uploaded a model of the table to the SketchUp 3D warehouse.