New Geekdad book: "Guide to Weekend Fun"

Video Link I had a great time chatting with kahuna Ken Denmead at Maker Faire last weekend. I found out he's got a new Geekdad project book out, too, called

The Geekdad's Guide to Weekend Fun. And take a look at this promo video for his books, which is vibrating with hallucinatory weirdness! (I like the girl's shirt. It reads, "Self-Rescuing Princess.")

Ken Denmead struck a chord with parents and kids across America with his GeekDad blog on, which receives more than one million page views per month. His debut book, Geek Dad, was on bestseller lists and in its seventh printing just two months after hitting store shelves. With The Geek Dad's Guide to Weekend Fun, he keeps the nerdtastic novelties coming, with projects that teach readers how to:

•Build homemade robots from scratch

•Write and direct simple stop-motion movies

•Hack into mechanical toys to add cool electronic twists, and more

United by the premise that to really understand science and how something works you must design and build it yourself or remake it better, Geek Parents everywhere will celebrate this latest installment of weekend workshop wonders.

The Geekdad's Guide to Weekend Fun