Zinnia Jones: "My conversations with Bradley Manning," available for download

Zinnia Jones, the genderqueer YouTube vlogger who had an online friendship with alleged Wikileaks source Bradley Manning, has made their internet conversations available for download.

The only redactions that have been made are to remove the identifying information of certain individuals. I'm releasing these logs because, thus far, all that we've heard from Bradley himself is in the form of incomplete conversations from Adrian Lamo. That was during an exceptional time in his life, and it doesn't give the whole picture of who Bradley is. I knew him as an intelligent, motivated and ambitious soldier who was dedicated to doing the best for his country, and I believe his words reflect that.

Regardless of what we might think of his actions, I feel it's important that we develop a more balanced understanding of Bradley and his personal views. It's my hope that this will provide valuable insight into someone who has undoubtedly made history.

Here's the download link.