"You just pray to a rock!" — Justice Department sues Texas prison for discriminating against employee's religious head covering

The MAGA geniuses who oversee the One Star State of Texas claim to revere religious freedom. So why, then, is the U.S. Justice Department suing the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) for refusing to allow an employee to wear a head covering due to her religious beliefs?

According to the complaint, Franches Spears, who worked as a clerk, requested to wear the head covering as part of her Ifá faith (an African traditional religion). But instead of respecting her religious practice, TDCJ Human Resources Specialist Elizabeth Fisk allegedly mocked Spears' faith, saying "basically, you just pray to a rock."

When Spears understandably didn't want to ditch her sincere religious beliefs, TDCJ put her on indefinite unpaid leave and eventually fired her.

TDCJ allows other employees to wear non-religious head coverings, but when an African spiritual tradition is involved it suddenly remembers its "grooming policy." Apparently, "Don't tread on me" only applies to Republican Christian whites cosplaying as revolutionary patriots, not people of color actually trying to live their beliefs.

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