Exploding pressure cooker doesn't stop TV pitchman from pretending that nothing is wrong

During a live home shopping segment in Brazil, a host touted a pressure cooker that clearly lacked some vital safety features.

He cracked it open mid-cook and scalding liquid erupted everywhere, instead of shouting or at least admitting that the pressure cooker was a dangerous piece of junk, the desperate pitchman just carried on like nothing happened.

Commenters noted that pressure cookers have safety mechanisms to prevent them from being opened when still under pressure, and that the host's actions were reckless. Others wondered whether the host was instructed to open the pressure cooker by someone else, or if he simply didn't understand the risks. In any case, it must've been incredibly painful to have that boiling water spray onto his hands.

Bravo to this product peddlers for taking one for the team — even if that means enduring a blast of Vesuvian agony to move a few more explosive kitchen devices.

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