Illicit stunt on Williamsburg Bridge grounds NYC aerialists in jail

[Video Link, Video Link 2]

Video artist Ronen V (who had nothing to do with the video embedded in this post) alerts us to news that fellow New Yorkers Seanna Sharpe (in the photo below) and Thomas "Savage" Skinner are in jail today.

Apparently inspired by Phillip Petit of Man on Wire movie fame, Seanna climbed the Williamsburg bridge and performed a 15-minute aerial show hanging 350 feet from the bridge surface by silk.

The duo spent the night in jail at Rikers Island, and remain there at the time of this blog post. Sounds like they'll be facing some pretty serious felony charges, with two days to find a lawyer interested in taking this unusual sort of case on.

I'm told internet supporters helped them raise bail last night within just 3 hours.

News coverage: New York Post, Village Voice, WSJ, nybuff, grist, CBS News.